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April 17th, 2007, 11:59 am


That's right--there are going to be some changes with the way I do TWT, starting with chapter two. n_n We're approaching the end of the chapter (yay)! What sort of changes?! :0 I'M STARTING OVER!~ ... Just kidding. I'm just going to change the way I do the comics. i've been scanning the comics and inking/toning them on the computer, but I want to ink them by hand then scan/tone/text. n_n; There won't be much difference (the outlines will be less pixelly though). Isn't that great? :0 Also, in chapter two you get to meet Yahei and Proxavier <3! n_n I apologize for the lack of action so far, but believe me that'll change with chapter two x_x.

*hands out cookies to all that read the news post :D*

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