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November 19th, 2007, 1:31 pm


A contest is coming up soon, and I'll be announcing it just as soon as I get the prizes in order and the comic reaches a certain point in the plot! So the contest will probably show up sometime around the end of chapter three! :3 Yes, prizes! Gashp!

I edited the news page (so the news isn't way down at the bottom) and to save space I shrunk the "Latest Page" thingie. Also, I remodeled the archive page, and now, little feathers icons vibrate for some reason! :D Cool, ne? Lemme know if you are having any problems. I've been thinking about revamping the characters page, and I hope to get around to it. Part of me totally wants to make it in flash! But, I'm not sure how to do that, or if it would really be all that effective. Also, I'm going to beef up the links page, because there are a bunch of comics I like that I've yet to link to, and I kinda want the page to look spiffy!

:0 My update schedule has gotten a bit sporadic, sorry. School has really been kicking my ass, and I've been working to keep everything in the green in class. :3 So if I miss a couple of updates, don't worry. I'm probably going to end up posting multiple pages per update to make up for it. :3

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