Third World Truth Gallery
(TWT-themed Art drawn by me.)

(all the beautiful fan art I've gotten! :D Don't be afraid to send your own!)

Tsuukiko - Tsuu drew Yasuri! It's so pretty! And my first fanart!! Thanks so much Tsuukiko! X3 <3<3
Yasuri by Tsuukiko
Sushyisama- YAY! From one of my favorite artists ever, sushyi :D!! Thanks!! <3<3<3<3<3 She even colored it! ;_; *clings to*
Little Black Wings - First Luz fanart! :3 Oh, thank you so much! <3 He looks so cute!!! EEEE! *hug*
X4Isaru NEW - He drew Feathers and a wolfadilger! X3 You probably don't know, but I used to draw myself as a wolfadilger (don't ask lol). Thanks!!! <3<3
??? - YOU could be here too! :D

Send your fanart to me via email (pelicaattacks[atsymbol]}, PM me on Smackjeeves or post it on the latest comic!
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