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pelica, March 12th, 2007, 9:40 am

:0 Zomg! The sky is night and day at the same time! If you haven't guessed, this is another world (unless you know of a place where it's night and day at the same time with monsters flying around and a temple ontop of a floating island.)

If you can guess what characters will be introduced here, I'll give you a cookie :D

BTW: There's a page before this (if it counts since it's all text XD)

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Antares, March 12th, 2007, 10:40 am

Trespassers will be killed on sight. :D.... ...lol, well that's one way to keep people away!! XDD yay! New page! Can't wait for more!

XxIntegralEinxX, March 12th, 2007, 11:18 am

Wahh...I want more @.@ its so good so far and i love your main character X3

And lemme guess...feathers and luz?

pelica, March 12th, 2007, 11:27 am

@Antares: xD Lol, you'd be surprised how effective 'killing people on sight' is. xD

@Ein: :0 Zomg! *cookies*

lonextonitez, March 12th, 2007, 7:20 pm

love the background!

Myra, March 13th, 2007, 4:03 pm

yay for fast updates!l luv this page and no i have not seen other places where its night and day at the same time

ookami_mangetsu, July 5th, 2007, 7:18 am

That's the coolest front door sign I've ever seen....aside from the one that went 'Pass through here at the risk of your eternal soul'

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