Main Characters
Name; Yasuri Harwood
Age; 16
Appearance; Chapter 01 Page 1

Yasuri definately has anger issues, but no one is quite sure just why she is so easily irritated. The only ones she really sees as her friends is her family, Kalil and Kayt. Anyone else isn't really worth her time. However, she has a kinder side, believe it or not, though she is reluctant to show it to anyone. Most of her time is spent practicing "casting", an art that few seem to know about on Earth.

Abilities; ???
<3; Casting, being complimented, feeling useful, sarcasm.
</3; KIDS, BUGS, dogs, being ignored, feeling weak, broccoli.
Name; Lucian "Luz"
Age; 17?
Appearance; Chapter 01 Pg 20

Supposedly, the boy Yasuri made a promise with so many years ago. A short while after the promise was made he vanished, though Yasuri is unsure of what happened to him, and even came to the conclusion that he was just a figment of her imagination.

Abilities; ???
Name; Feathers A.K.A. Hane"
Age; 9
Appearance; Chapter 01 Pg 15

Feathers could be considered Luz's ward, always following him around and trying to keep Luz on the right track whenever possible. He has been by Luz's side for years, but not long enough to recall ever meeting Yasuri.

Abilities; Flight, Glowing
<3; ???
</3; ???
Supporting Characters
Kalil Harwood
Name; Kalil
Age; 22
Appearance; Chapter 01, Page 09

Kalil is Yasuri and Kayt's older brother, while also being their guardian at the same time since they don't have parents to look after them or anything. He's a relatively fun guy to be around, but he can be responsible too when he needs to be. Protecting his sisters always comes first on his list, next to annoying the heck out of Yasuri. And while he is a generally upfront guy, he does have his secrets, and mentions his "connections" many times, which is probably how he gets Yasuri odd-jobs and practically getting whatever the family needs.

Abilities; ???
<3; Looking at the bright side, fun, girls, money, food, being nosy, the sound of his own voice
</3; Repeating himself, his hair, Yasuri's inability to keep a job, spending money
Kayt Harwood
Name; Kayt
Age; 12
Appearance; Chapter 01 Page 11

Yasuri's little sister; or big sister in some senses. She is alot more mature than Yasuri is, and if possible alot more sarcastic. Though she is only 12, her intellect is great, and she will not hesitate to brag about it. However, she's been known to see things others cannot see, and for being slightly clairvoyant/precognative. In most cases, she manages the family's finances (since she considers Kalil a dufus when it comes to math), and runs the store the family lives over during the day. Amazingly, she can deal with most anything expertly, and is rarely caught off-guard.

Abilities; ???
<3; Bugging Yasuri, learning things, toying with people, Sudoku, animals, feeling superior
</3; Being over-emotional, flirts, stupid people, theives, sweet food
Other Characters
Name; Yahei
Age; ???
Appearance; Chapter 01 Page 28

Apparently, he was sent to capture Yasuri, but is far from human.

Abilities; Transformation? (Bat)
<3; ???
</3; ???
Name; Proxavier
Age; ???
Appearance; ???


Abilities; ???
<3; ???
</3; ???
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